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Comparing Webtricity Websites
with Banyan Theory Websites

While Webtricity is a product from Banyan Theory, we'd like to help you make the right choice for your insurance website needs between a DIY website with Webtricity and a professionally designed and built website from the experts at Banyan Theory. Here are a few points showing how the two options are similar and where they differ.

ComparisonWebtricityBanyan Theory / LightRail
Pricing$0 setup, $35/mo (details)Varies (view pricing)
Setup timeAs little as 20 minutesUsually two or three weeks
Who builds the siteYou build itWe build it
Support optionsEmailEmail and phone
Payment methodsCredit/debit cardCredit/debit card or check
Payment scheduleMonthlyAnnual, semi-annual, quarterly
Available Features, Upgrades, & Integrations
•  SSL ​/​ TLS ​/​ HTTPSYes (details)Yes (details)
•  Integrated blogYes (details)Yes (details)
•  Staff photosYes (details)Yes
•  Staff bio pagesYes (details)Yes
•  Multiple locationsYes (details)Yes (details)
•  Syndicated contentYes (details)Yes (details)
•  Website accessibilityYes (details)Yes (details)
•  Website bannersYes (details)Yes (details)
•  Advanced spam filterYes (details)Yes (details)
•  Comparative rater readyYes (details)Yes (details)
•  Pre-written insurance contentYes (details)Yes (details)
•  Live chat readyYes (details)Yes (details)
•  Agency reviews integrationYes (details)Yes (details)
•  Google AnalyticsYes (details)Yes (details)
•  Google Maps integrationYesYes (details)
•  Custom photosYesYes (details)
•  Automatic sitemap pageYesYes (details)
•  Automatic sitemap.xmlYesYes (details)
•  Automatic robots.txtYesYes (details)
•  Multiple template choicesYes (details)Yes
•  Custom branding & colorsYes (details)Yes
•  Stock photo libraryYes (details)Yes
•  Fast websitesYes (details)Yes
•  Responsive websitesYesYes
•  Insurance company databaseYesYes
•  Quote​/​service​/​contact formsYesYes
•  Multiple user accountsYesYes
•  Customizable navigationYesYes
•  Email harvester protectionYesYes
•  Web form customizationNo Coming soonYes
•  Web form autoresponderNo Coming soonYes (details)
•  Zapier integrationNo Coming soonYes
•  Product quote formsNo PlannedYes (details)
•  Referral program formNo PlannedYes (details)
•  Customizable formsNo PlannedYes
•  Webhooks integrationNo PlannedYes
•  Site searchNoYes (details)
•  Copywriting servicesNoYes (details)
•  Agency feedback formNoYes (details)
•  LightMail integrationNoYes
•  Disaster RecoveryNoYes (details)
•  Applied Epic integrationNoYes

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