Dropbox Integration

Get visitor uploads directly in Dropbox.

No need to download files individually anymore.

When a website visitor uploads a file to your website as part of a form submission, such as an insurance quote request, our platform can automatically place the uploaded file directly into a folder in your agency's Dropbox.

If you have an often-used form on your website that accepts file uploads, then this integration makes it much quicker and more convenient to obtain the uploaded files, and they'll go to a location that's secure and is already accessible from all the places you need it.

When connecting our platform to your Dropbox account, we'll only ask for permission to write files in an app-specific folder, and Dropbox will enforce those permissions. This means we can't store files anywhere but in the special Dropbox/Apps/Banyan Theory folder, and we can't read files from anywhere in your Dropbox account (even in our app-specific folder). You can also revoke our platform's access at any time from within your Dropbox account.

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