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Blog Topic Idea: What Policy?

posted by Allison

If you offer business insurance, writing a blog post on your insurance agency website about a situation like this and how the business insurance policy would come into play would make it clear to potential customers that you understand business insurance needs and real-world implications.

Short Forms vs Long Forms

posted by Andrew
Online forms are a fast and effective way to gather quote requests from your prospective customers. This is a powerful tool for generating new leads for your business, even outside of regular office hours – but how can...

Why HTTPS - Part 1: The Basics

posted by Nick

This is part of our Why HTTPS series.

You may have noticed a strong uptick recently in the number of websites you visit that use HTTPS. Or you may have noticed that many companies, like Google and Safeco, have begun encouraging website owners to support HTTPS on their own websites. If you’re curious about the reasons behind this, and the reasons you should add HTTPS support to your website, you’re in the right place. This is the first of a series of blog posts I’ll be writing on the topic.