Insurance Quote Forms

Built-in quote forms for many products.

Capture leads, write policies, and get more customers.

All Banyan Theory websites include a variety of forms for collecting information from potential new customers. These forms can be customized to suit your needs, or even replaced with a comparative rater if you'd like.

We offer two variations of each quote form — a very short form (only name, email, phone, ZIP, and comments field) and a longer, policy-type-specific form that asks more questions about the coverage being requested.

Long quote form example

Short quote form example

By default, we'll load the shorter quote form for all of your insurance products. Studies have shown that visitors are significantly more likely to complete a short form than they are a long one. However, you can let your Account Manager know if the longer version of a particular quote form would suit your agency better and that change can be easily made. We can also update the questions on your quote forms as needed.

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