Syndicated Content

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What is Syndicated Content?

Syndicated Content is a blogging service that publishes pre-written, shared articles previously written and published by another source to your blog.

We currently have two sources for our syndicated content.

Safeco Syndicated Content

Safeco Insurance makes one article each month available for use on insurance agency websites for agents appointed with Safeco or Liberty Mutual. These articles are often indirectly related to insurance and provide helpful information of interest to your insureds, such as driving safety, homeownership, and boat maintenance. They are not a promotion of Safeco insurance products, but Safeco does require to be listed as the source of the article upon use.

Banyan Theory Syndicated Content

We also publish an article each month for use on all of our insurance agency websites. Similar to the Safeco articles, this is content loosely related to insurance. You can even have both syndicated content sources at the same time — we write our articles with the knowledge that some of our customers publish both Safeco and Banyan Theory content, so we ensure the topics don't overlap.

Syndicated Content vs. Unique Content

It's important to note that Syndicated Content is not unique, and many agents may have the same article on their website. This means that it's not likely to help your with your SEO efforts, but you won't be penalized for it by Google. It simply won't do much to help you rank higher on Google. That said, it does provide educational value for your visitors, and shows that you're keeping up with your blog on a regular basis (even if you don't have time to write articles yourself).

If you're interested in assistance with writing blog articles that will help boost your rank on Google searches, we also recommend one of our SEO Content packages.

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