Build your own
insurance agency website.

Our specialty is building and operating
websites for independent insurance agencies.

We've taken everything we've learned since 2007 and created
a platform where you can build and host your own website.

Webtricity — Build Your Own Insurance Website

Here are just a few of the reasons Webtricity might be a good option for you.

Webtricity is Growing Fast

Webtricity first launched in 2019, and already more than 300 agents have used it to build and manage their insurance agency websites.

It's Easy To Use

We designed the platform to be very easy to use. If you can type an email, you can build your own insurance website with Webtricity.

Use It How You Want

Use Webtricity to manage your site long-term, or short-term when you're between websites. Come and go as often as you please.

Support When You Need It

The Webtricity support team is available by email to help with whatever questions you have, before, during, and after you launch.

Webtricity's Pricing Can't Be Beat

The trend among insurance website providers recently has been to steadily
increase prices, but with Webtricity, we've gone in the opposite direction.

DIY Setup cost: $0
Monthly cost: $49
Commitment: None

Is Webtricity Right for You?

Here are some situations where Webtricity is a good fit.
You can decide whether one or more of these describe you.

  • You need an affordable website. Webtricity has the best pricing around. You might find cheaper web hosting elsewhere, but you won't find a more affordable platform that was built specifically for hosting and managing insurance agency websites. Manage insurance companies, claim phone numbers, and more.

  • You're a new agency. Webtricity was built with new agencies in mind, and many of our customers build their websites on Webtricity as they were opening their agency doors for the first time. Stick around long-term, or just use the platform until you figure out what you need from a custom-designed website.

  • You need a website right away. Webtricity can be used to get a new professional website online in as little as 20 minutes. In fact, we have real customers who did it in less time than that. You can build and launch right away and then refine over time, or you can take your time up front. It's up to you.

  • You prefer to work alone. Having a custom or semi-custom website built by professionals (like the websites we build and manage here at Banyan Theory) usually means you'll have to depend on the website provider for certain changes to your site. Webtricity was designed to be entirely a do-it-yourself platform.

  • Your needs are short-term. If you're having a new website professionally designed and built, but you need to be online now, Webtricity is a great option. You can have a new website online today, and then simply cancel when your new site is ready. It might be the best $49 you've ever spent.

A Little More About Webtricity

Building a website with Webtricity requires an email address, an internet connection, a computer (desktop, laptop, or even just a smartphone), 20 minutes, and a credit or debit card with $49 available. No setup fees. No contracts. No hassle.

With zero technical expertise or experience building websites, you can have a full-featured, customer-oriented, search-optimized, lead-generating, budget-friendly insurance agency website online in just 20 minutes.

If you're looking for a quality website for your insurance agency, but either don't have the budget for a full-service implementation with a dedicated account manager, need something simpler than our premium websites, or just like a good DIY project, then Webtricity might be just what you've been looking for.

Signing up is easy and low risk. $49 gets you started on your new website right now and covers the first month of hosting. Just pick a design, enter some information about your agency, make a few tweaks here and there if you want (but no coding required!), and your new insurance agency website can be live today.

Comparing Webtricity Websites
with Banyan Theory Websites

While Webtricity is a product from Banyan Theory, we'd like to help you make the right choice for your insurance website needs between a DIY website with Webtricity and a professionally designed and built website from the experts at Banyan Theory. Here are a few points showing how the two options are similar and where they differ.

ComparisonWebtricityBanyan Theory / LightRail
Pricing$0 setup, $49/mo (details)Varies (view pricing)
Setup timeAs little as 20 minutesUsually two or three weeks
Who builds the siteYou build it or we build itWe build it
Support optionsEmail (phone optional)Email and phone
Payment methodsCredit/debit cardCredit/debit card or ACH
Payment scheduleMonthlyAnnual, semi-annual, quarterly
View the full comparison

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