LightMail Integration

Respond to leads quickly and professionally.

Easily send repetitive emails & get electronic signatures.

When you receive a quote or service request through one of the forms on your website, you can choose to reply via LightMail. Doing so will open a new browser tab for LightMail, with the relevant form submission data carried over, including name and email address. Then it's just a simple click or two, and your response is sent to the insured.

For example, imagine someone requests a certificate of insurance. Just click Reply with LightMail and a new email will be started, with the requester's name and email address already filled in, along with the email text ("Hi Jim — the certificate you requested is attached.") Then simply drag the certificate PDF onto the email to attach it, and click Send.

That's how quick and easy it is to reply — no typing needed, and the text is consistent and professional every time, since it's based on a pre-written template that you control. You can even allow some employees to send emails on behalf of other employees.

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