Integrated Blog

Blog all you want.

Help your site rank better by blogging on a regular basis.

A blog is an excellent place to write to help keep your customers informed, to tell stories, and to keep people search engines coming back to your site for more.

Some website platforms don't have blogging built in, forcing site owners to either give up having a blog altogether, or host their blog separate from their website. Neither of those are good options if you want to improve your site's SEO.

Our platform has a built-in blog editor, as well as the ability to show blog post snippets and previews throughout your website — something that isn't possible to do if your blog and site are hosted separately.

You can see an example of this on most of our sample websites. Look at the blog post previews that appear at the bottom of the homepage, in the sidebar of the About Us page, in the "Blog" navigation menu, in the footer, and of course on the Blog page.

When a new article is published, all of these places will update automatically to show the new post, which means search engines see that there's been a change on your homepage and your About Us page — something they like to see.

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