Automatic sitemap.xml

Built-in sitemap.xml for search engines.

Help search engines find and organize your website's content.

Some search engines, including Google, will look for a `sitemap.xml` file on your website. This is a standard file that lists URLs on your website, as well as some optional details about each one, such as last modification timestamp and priority in relation to all of the other pages.

Providing this file and making sure it's up-to-date is helpful to the search engines as they try to make sense of your website and its organization. We include this file on every website, and it's automatically kept in sync with the pages and blog posts on the site.

To make this file more discoverable, we include a link to it in the automatic robots.txt file we also include on every website.

If you're curious what this file looks like, you can see the one we use on our own website here.

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