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Chrome HTTPS Changes for October 2017

posted by Nick

We wrote recently about how Chrome and Firefox have started showing a “Not Secure” warning on webpages that don’t use HTTPS (SSL). And starting in October, Chrome will make this warning much more noticeable.

If a visitor is on a non-HTTPS page and starts to type in a form field — say, a search field, email newsletter signup, driving directions, or anything else — then Chrome will animate a “Not Secure” status in the address bar.

It’s hard to miss:

Animation showing a browser warning that appears when beginning to type in a text field of a non-secure page

Now the good news: You can prevent this “Not Secure” warning from showing on your website at all by adding Whole-Site SSL, which protects every page of your website with HTTPS.

With Whole-Site SSL, this is how your web address will be presented on every page to your customers and prospective buyers:

Web browser address bar - Secure

Add Whole-Site SSL today for just $9/mo. Click the button below or email your account manager and we’ll take care of the rest.

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