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posted by Allison

The blog on your insurance agency's website is the perfect place to establish yourself as an industry expert. While insurance can be a pretty dry topic in most cases, there's a lot of interesting "what if" situations that the average person wouldn't have any idea how to answer. But providing a clear and expert answer on how an insurance policy would cover a particular loss is the perfect way to show how valuable your services are. It could very well make the difference between a lead calling your agency or buying a policy through another agent or GEICO.

Here's some to get you started:

  1. This poor deer crashes through a window into a paint store in Pennsylvania. What kind of insurance coverage is the owner of the store glad he has? What if an employee had been injured by the deer? What about that customer by the window - what if he'd been injured by the flying glass? How does that affect the claim and the type of policy the business owner had (or needed!)?

  2. A homeowner hires a company to cut down a large cottonwood tree in his backyard. The company miscalculates and the tree lands on the homeowner's house/car/shed. What now? Some good points to include in this article are what a homeowner should look for when hiring a tree service. Take this a bit further - what if the tree being cut by the tree service falls on the neighbor's house? Go even further - there's no tree service involved, but the tree falls on it's own.
  3. A homeowner hires a local window cleaning business to clean all the windows. The company uses something abrasive and it scratches every window in the house, badly enough that they need to be replaced. Whose insurance is going to foot the bill for all new windows? What kind of documentation/proof is the insurance company going to ask for?
  4. A car is broken into in a grocery store parking lot. A window is broken, and cash, an iPhone, an expensive purse and a set of golf clubs were stolen. Should a claim be filed? Is it an auto insurance claim? How does this even work in the world of insurance?

These are just a few, but there are examples everywhere - in the news, around town and in your own life. When you find one, send yourself a note, and then as soon as you have a minute, write out a quick blog article. It doesn't have to be long or fancy, so don't be intimidated! Start writing and soon you'll find that these are an easy task to knock out each week. Not only will you wow potential customers, you'll start moving up the search results on Google too!

If you don't have a blog on your Banyan Theory website and want to start writing, contact your account manager to upgrade.

If you don't have a Banyan Theory website yet, you can check out our designs and get a real-time quote to see just how affordable a new insurance agency website can be!

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