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New Study on Distracted Driving

posted by Allison

Need an idea for your blog article this week? A new study found some pretty alarming stats on distracted driving (and pretty much ALL stats on the topic are alarming). It is a pretty interesting study with some real concrete facts about driving behavior, which to date, has been pretty anecdotal.

A perfect article for your insurance agency website blog would be to summarize some of the key findings relevant to your audience.

  • Look for the data specific to your state towards the end of the study findings.
  • Highlight some of the stats that are particularly alarming (88%!!!).
  • Be sure to include the link to the full study - some readers will want to read more.
  • Urge your insureds to limit their phone usage while driving, for their own safety, that of others around them, and to avoid even non-injury accidents, which will still result in an insurance claim, which affects their premiums. It's cheaper to be a safe driver, right?

Close your article by reminding readers with something like "[agency] offers auto insurance in [city/state]. Contact us for a free quote!"

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