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Blog Article Idea: Solar Roofs

posted by Allison

Tesla recently announced their Solar Roof, where your entire roof is comprised of tiles that are small solar panels (yes, THE WHOLE ROOF!). The ability for more people to have solar powered homes is now a lot more feasible, especially when Tesla is aiming for the cost of a solar roof to be in line with the cost of a traditional roof (when factoring in the energy savings). Hopefully this will become a "well why wouldn't you do it?" kind of thing!

So naturally my mind went straight to how insurance companies will respond, and realized this would make a great blog article for an insurance agency website!

These solar tiles are actually stronger than traditional roof tiles (skip to around the 13:20 mark of the video below to see what happens when they drop a heavy object onto a sample of roof tiles).

Here are some questions to answer in your blog post:

  1. Will insurance companies offer a premium discount for these roofs?
  2. Will premiums go up on a home with a solar roof due to the higher replacement cost?
  3. If I needed to replace my roof due to a hail storm, and I opted to replace it with a solar roof instead of a traditional one, how would my claim be different?

SEO Tip: Work in a keyword phrase such as "[ city/state ] home insurance" once or twice into your article, and link that phrase to your homeowner insurance page or homeowner quote page on your website.

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