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Blog Article Idea: Dash Cams

posted by Allison

We try to provide guidance to our customers on how they can come up with unique content for their insurance agency website. One great way to do this is to provide educational information for your customers via your blog. If you find yourself answering the same question a lot, or you are asked a question you found particularly interesting, your answer can make for a great blog article.

So for this week, write a quick article about what you know about dash cams and how they can affect an insured's insurance policy and possible claim. Do the insurance companies you represent have any formal policy on the use of footage in an auto insurance claim? Are there discounts offered, or is their premium affected in any way?

Obviously they can provide crucial evidence for a claim where the at-fault driver is disputed, and avoid a he-said-she-said situation. For example, according to the driver of the car with the dash cam in the video below, the at-fault driver claimed to have been rear-ended even though that's clearly not what happened, and the video was submitted to the insurance company as proof.

Have you personally as an agent dealt with any claims involving dash cam footage? How did it affect the claim? Have you seen any increase in usage in your area? Are carriers encouraging the use of dash cams? What should your customers consider when evaluating whether they should purchase a dash cam?

SEO Tip: Work in a keyword phrase such as "[ city/state ] auto insurance" once or twice into your article, and link that phrase to your auto insurance page or auto quote page on your website.

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