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Blog Topic Idea: Child Car Seat Replacements

posted by Allison

On my way to work this morning, I almost got rear-ended - a typical rush hour experience we can all relate to. I was driving my minivan, which has both my kids' car seats installed in it. The girls weren't with me at the time, so the seats were empty.

But it got me thinking about what if the driver behind me had hit me and caused some damage to the car. I know that if a car seat is in the car at the time of an accident - ANY accident - it needs to be replaced.

So how does my car insurance handle this in the event of a claim from a car accident?

  • Obviously I'm going to need new car seats immediately. Do I go out and buy new ones and then apply for a reimbursement?

  • If so, what's the replacement value on my car seats? There are some pretty expensive car seats available - does the insurance company put a limit on what they will reimburse me for, or can I buy the exact same car seat I had, regardless of the current price?

  • Do I have to prove any damage to the carseat itself or have it inspected by an adjuster, or are they generous in assuming it must be replaced? Is there a minimum level of damage to the car that qualifies me for reimbursement on new car seats?

  • On a related note, what if I have my double stroller in the trunk (anyone who has shopped for one of these knows they are not cheap!), and the damage from the accident also damages the stroller. What's covered by my insurance?

I've had several conversations with agents this week about what they should be blogging about. This is an example of an article that would perfect for an insurance agency website blog.

Whenever you're having trouble figuring out a topic for your blog, think back to questions you've been asked in the last couple of days that are either a) interesting or unusual or b) asked all the time. These always make great blog articles since they provide useful information to your customers, and you're going to naturally be working in the keywords you want to rank well for just by answering the question. You can then direct customers to the articles that answer a frequently asked question, saving you time in having to type out the answer over and over again.

If you do write this article, feel free to post a link to it in the comments. I'd personally really like to know the answer!

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