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Blog Topic Idea: Test Driving a New Car

posted by Allison
on 2 comments

Frequently asked questions and interesting insurance scenarios are great topics for your blog.  They show off your expertise as an insurance agent, and can build trust with potential clients, even before they've made contact.  Periodically, we post ideas on our blog for you to run with on your own insurance agency website blog.  Here's the one that crossed my mind this weekend as I was out car shopping: 

If a client is test driving a new car and is in a fender-bender, how does your client's car insurance policy come into play?  How about the dealer's insurance?  What if the car was being sold by a broker or even an individual?  Whose insurance pays for what?  And if you want to get really fancy, what if the accident occurs on the car lot, and damage is done to an unoccupied car in the lot?  

For the record, I did NOT wreck any cars this weekend!  However, if anyone does write about this on their agency website blog, send me a link - I'd love to know the answer.  Feel free to also post a link in the comments, if you're open to sharing with others too. 

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Two Article Comments

Kirk said on

I like all the blog topic ideas! Good luck with the car shopping!

Busam said on

Very good questions to ask! Accidents have happened while the customer has left our dealership’s lot. Make sure you know what your insurance does and does not cover.

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