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Blog Topic Idea: Tropical Storm Flossie & Travel Insurance

posted by Allison

Every time I book a vacation through any of the major online travel companies like Expedia, I'm prompted on Travel Insurance.  The idea sounds great, but reading the fine print gives me a headache, and leaves me wondering if it's worth it.  Even if you don't offer travel insurance at your agency, I bet you'd be able to make heads or tails out of the info better than the average person!  

With Tropical Storm Flossie on its way to Hawaii this week, I bet a lot of travelers are wondering if the travel insurance they had been offered would have made a difference in their spoiled vacation.  And those of us who dream of heading to Hawaii soon are probably wondering if we should reconsider purchasing it next time we book a trip.  

What do you think?  Buy or pass on Travel Insurance?  Write a blog on your insurance agency website to educate your customers.  And while you're at it, why not answer that VERY frequently asked question - Should I buy the additional insurance at the car rental counter?  

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