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Blog Topic Idea: National Ban on Cell Phone Use While Driving

posted by Allison

Here's a great idea for a blog post on your insurance agency website that will warrant some attention:

Transportation Chief Calls for National Ban on Cell Phone Use While Driving

Make the most of this newsworthy topic by:

  1. Writing a quick blog post summarizing the article.  2-3 sentences is enough for a teaser and to grab your visitors attention.  
  2. Link to the article. (Remember that copying/pasting content from other websites can result in copyright infringement. Be sure that you always have permission from the author to republish their content. Linking to someone's article is OK though, you just can't plagiarize it.)
  3. Sneak in a few keywords for SEO.  End the blog post with a sentence that says something like "Looking for car insurance in [your city/state]? Call us for a quote, or simply request a quote online!"  Be sure to link "car insurance in [your city/state] to your auto insurance page, and link "request a quote online" to your auto quote page. 

Use this formula anytime you see an interesting article that your customers may find valuable, even if it's not insurance related.  Local events in your area, insurance requirement changes, new products and discounts from the insurance companies you represent, etc.

Keeping up with your blog doesn't have to be a huge time commitment if you just post small updates and find creative ways to work in your product and location keywords to give your site a small boost on Google with each blog post.

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