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Accessibility Info for Banyan Theory &

We are committed to providing every person full and equal access to our business and our website.

This page is intended to provide helpful accessibility information about our website and our business. For more about our commitment, please read our Accessibility Statement and our Accessibility Policy. (To read more generally about how we handle accessibility concerns when we build insurance agency websites, see our Accessibility page.)

Accessibility Help

If you need help accessing, navigating, understanding, or otherwise using our website, or if you have encountered a barrier preventing you from enjoying full access to our website, please contact us using your preferred method of communication from the ones we offer:

We are more than happy to help with whatever you need.

Website Navigation

Every page on our website begins with two links that are initially hidden from view:

  • Skip to content — This link moves the focus from the beginning of the page to the beginning of the page's main content (in other words, it skips the page header and main navigation links).

  • Accessibility info — This link points to the page you are currently reading.

To access the "Skip to content" link, press the Tab key on your keyboard (or otherwise move the focus forward) after landing on any page of our website. To access the "Accessibility info" link, press Tab once more.

If you are a visual user you can click here to move the focus to the "Skip to content" link, which will make it and the "Accessibility info" links visible at the top-left of the page.