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Boost your Google Ranking

Unique content is an essential part of an SEO plan. Our professional copywriters can create custom, relevant insurance content for your website.

Search Engine Optimization encompasses a lot of website updates, all with the ultimate goal of appearing in the #1 spot on Google search. A website built using best practices from Google lays the foundation for an optimized website. On top of your foundation, unique, relevant, and useful content is critical to ranking well on Google.

Writing content can be a time-consuming process, and consistently adding new articles on a regular basis can be a challenge. We always recommend our customers try to write as much of their own content as possible, but we understand it's difficult to find the time while also running an insurance agency. We have professional copywriters who can write content for your website that can help you rank better on Google, which can result in more visitors and more leads.

We recommend focusing on rewriting stock content for your top-selling products, creating new content pages for any niche products that your offer, as well as building out location-specific product pages to help you branch out to other local areas. Your account manager can put together a recommended list of pages based on your agency's specific goals.

Our SEO Boost package includes:

  • 7 custom-written product pages or blog articles (or a mix of both)
  • Written by professional copywriters specifically for your agency
  • You choose the topics (or let us make some recommendations based on your priorities)

Contact one of our insurance website experts for specific recommendations for your agency.

Looking for recurring monthly custom content? Check out our SEO Autopilot feature.

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