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Privacy Policy

Here's what we do to protect your privacy

Privacy Policy

All data and information collected by Banyan Theory for the purpose of building, operating, maintaining, and supporting an insurance agency website is covered by this privacy policy. We respect the privacy of the companies and individuals whose information we collect.

What This Policy Covers

This policy covers all information which matches at least one of the following descriptions:

  1. Information gathered by Banyan Theory from an insurance agency in the course of building and maintaining a website for that agency, or
  2. Information submitted to any insurance agency website that is hosted by Banyan Theory.

Information Disclosure

We will not share any information provided to us by an insurance agency which is not publicly available on the agency’s website. We will also not share any information submitted to an insurance agency’s website with anyone outside the agency.

We reserve the right to review any and all information submitted to us by an insurance agency or submitted to an insurance agency website hosted by Banyan Theory. We do this to ensure the websites are operating normally and to watch for abnormal activity.

Information Security

We take reasonable steps to protect the information we collect and store. Our websites and web applications use SSL to protect the transfer of all sensitive information. Our servers reside in physically secure facilities that are accessible only by authorized personnel.

All information submitted to an insurance agency website is accessible to employees of the agency who have been given permission to view it. It is the responsibility of the agency and its employees to keep private the passwords used to access this information.

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