User Permissions

Give each person at your agency their own login.

Each user can be assigned a unique set of permissions.

You can create an individual user account for each person at your agency to use to sign in to our website dashboard (called the LightRail Toolkit). This enables each person to have their own unique set of permissions, which is especially useful for keeping people out of the areas they don't need access to.

Here are some examples of different sets of permissions you might want to use for different types of users:

  • Agency owner: all permissions
  • Agent: view & manage form submissions
  • Marketing employee: view & manage form submissions, website content, and blog posts
  • Accounting employee: manage billing
  • SEO vendor: manage website content and blog posts

Another good reason to give each person their own account is to avoid sharing one account with more than one person. If you use a shared account, then when an employee leaves your agency, you're left with a choice: you can either (a) change the password on the account, requiring everyone to start using a new password, or (b) risk the departing employee signing in to view your leads after they no longer work at your agency. For this reason alone, shared accounts are almost never a good practice.

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