Insurance Company Database

Built-in database of insurance companies.

Use our database to quickly add insurance carriers to your website.

We maintain a database of insurance companies and their associated logos and contact info, making it quick and easy for you to display the carriers your agency represents on your website.

Many other insurance website companies handle this aspect of agency websites by uploading logo images and typing in contact info for each company rather than pulling it dynamically from a central database, meaning it's difficult or impossible to manage insurance companies without help from a support person. We think this process should be easy, and so on our platform, it is.

Our insurance company database contains the following fields (where available):

  • Company name
  • Logo
  • Website URL
  • Payment URL
  • Payment phone number
  • Payment address
  • Claim URL
  • Claim phone number
  • Account URL
  • And more

Making this tool even more powerful, you can modify any of the information we have on file, such as using a regional claim phone number or showing agency-specific phone numbers.

Plus, if you represent companies that are not in our database, you can add them using our insurance company editor, including uploading a logo, which will be sized and cropped automatically to fit with the rest of the carrier logos.

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