COVID-19 // Operating Update

Banyan Theory employees work remotely full-time, so our service capacity and availability has not changed at this time. We will continue to answer calls and emails as we always have, and we will provide updates if and when our operations need to be adjusted.

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Let your website respond for you

LightRail Autoresponder

Our new Autoresponder feature is an automated way to respond to customers and leads when they submit a message or quote request on your website.

How Does It Work?

It's very similar to an out-of-office email autoresponder.

  1. A visitor arrives at your website and submits a quote or service request.

  2. Our autoresponder instantly sends the visitor an email, saying your agency has received their request and that someone at your agency will be in touch with them soon.

That's it! The email can say whatever you want it to, and you can change the text and turn the autoresponder on and off at any time.

We can even configure multiple autoresponders to send different emails for different kinds of forms. For example, you might want the email to contain different information for an auto quote request than you do an address change. Autoresponder emails can even be sent from different addresses (such as and

We've written some sample autoresponder emails you're welcome to use or change to suit your needs. You can also start from scratch if you'd prefer.

How Do I Set Up an Autoresponder?

If you already have an insurance agency website through Banyan Theory, you can contact your account manager, or click here.

If you're not yet a customer, see our pricing and then get in touch.