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Targeted Marketing Websites

Promote Your Specialized Programs

Targeted Marketing Websites

Nearly every insurance agent has a niche or specialty market, whether it happened naturally over time or was something that was developed with the intent of you being known as the expert in your market.

But how do you promote your services to just that one market, without all the distractions of your general insurance agency website?

It's simple – with a Targeted Marketing Website for insurance agencies from Banyan Theory.

Play Up Your Strengths

What if you could have a simple webpage that promotes a single product and your brand at the same time?

You'd wind up with targeted leads – people interested in a product that your agency excels in, whether that's an insurance program designed especially for fitness centers or something as straight-forward as antique car insurance.

Our Targeted Marketing Websites are designed to capture your visitors' attention and entice them to request more information from you about your product or program.

A eye-catching and professional design with an impossible-to-miss call to action combine into the perfect landing page for capturing new leads.

View the designs available and see for yourself.
(Click a design to the right to see a working demo website.)

Attracting Visitors (aka Leads)

Drive traffic to your page using Pay-Per-Click ads (think Google AdWords) or organically through search engines (think people searching for "insurance for yoga studios Chicago, IL").

Our Targeted Marketing Websites for insurance agencies are designed to be used as a landing page for any purpose, including paid ads, and are flexible enough to allow lots of optimized content for your SEO campaign.

Insurance Agency Websites - Targeted Marketing Site High Net Worth in Affluent Suburb
Insurance Agency Websites - Targeted Marketing Site Insurance for College Students
Insurance Agency Websites - Targeted Marketing Site Restaurant Insurance
Insurance Agent Websites - Targeted Marketing Sites

Targeted Marketing Websites Features

  • Branding and custom color scheme
  • A secure lead capture form
  • Customized content
  • Stock photography from our library
  • Mobile optimization - fully responsive

Example Targeted Marketing:

Targeted Marketing Website Pricing

We provide two package options for these single-page websites. You can provide the content for us to use on the website, or if you'd like us to write the content for you, we'll have our copywriter provide specific content for your agency's target audience for an additional fee.

You Provide the Content

$349 one-time setup + $19/mo hosting and maintenance

We Provide the Content

$499 one-time setup + $19/mo hosting and maintenance

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