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Banyan Theory employees work remotely full-time, so our service capacity and availability has not changed at this time. We will continue to answer calls and emails as we always have, and we will provide updates if and when our operations need to be adjusted.

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Blogging is Hard - We Can Help!

We're excited to announce a new service from Banyan Theory to help you keep your website blog up-to-date. We know writing content is a time consuming chore that most of you don't enjoy, and so it gets pushed to a back burner... and then never completed.

Banyan Theory now offers a new source of content for your website blog: professionally written articles published automatically each month.

If you like your Safeco Syndicated Content subscription, then you'll love this. Each month, we make an article available to our customers to be published automatically. We have written and scheduled these articles to complement Safeco Syndicated Content nicely. We don't put our name on it, it doesn't advertise for any one carrier or vendor, and you can even make changes to it. To your visitors, it just looks like you wrote it.

Interested in adding more content to your blog? Sign up today for only $9/month.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I be notified when an article is published?

We'll send you an email each month notifying you the article is available. If you opt for the articles to be published automatically, you won't need to do anything further. If you want to review the article first and publish it manually, you'll be able to do so by clicking on the link in the email you receive.

When will the articles be published?

On the 2nd Friday of the month. If it happens to be a holiday, then the article will be published on the next working day.

Can I have both the Safeco Syndicated Content and Banyan Theory Syndicated Content?

Yes. In fact, we have written and scheduled these articles to complement Safeco Syndicated Content nicely – more content can mean more customer engagement.

How will I be invoiced?

As with all of our services, you'll still receive invoices on the same billing schedule and this charge will be added to your overall rate.

What if I don't like the service and want to cancel?

If for some reason you don't find the content valuable, just let us know and we'll cancel your service and you won't be charged for any future articles.

Will this help me rank #1 on Google search?

This service alone is not designed to help with search engine optimization. Because these articles can potentially be shared among all of our customers, Google may not consider the articles as unique content. Unique content is important for improving your position on Google search. You can read more about search engine optimization here.

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