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Website Content Services

We Make It Easy To Keep Your Site Up To Date

Content for Your New Website

Our website program for insurance agents includes an extensive library of content specifically written for use on your new agency website.

Insurance Website Content

Our website designs come pre-loaded with informative insurance content that also helps your website rank higher on Google.

Because we're experts in the insurance website business, we have all the content, features and tools you need to get your new website up and running in no time.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

All of the content on our insurance websites has been optimized for search engines to help your website rank higher on Google.

Your new website will contain key variables like your agency name, city, state and products, ensuring your website is easily findable by your customers.

Disaster Recovery Guides

Our unique Disaster Recovery Guides are an important feature for times when your customers need your expertise the most - after a significant weather event, such as a tornado, earthquake or hurricane.

We've written a "What To Do Now" reference guide for each type of weather emergency that can be easily and instantly activated on your website to help your customers navigate the aftermath of a disaster as it relates to their insurance claim.

These guides can be activated through your LightRail account, or even by text message (in the event your phones and internet are down, but the cell networks are up - which are often the first to be repaired after a weather disaster).

Insurance Agency Website Designs

Managing Your Website Content

We also provide several tools for keeping your new website content updated. This is important to keep your customers coming back to your website on a regular basis, and to further improve how highly you rank on Google search.

Syndicated Content

Blogging is a great way to keep your website content fresh, but if you're like most agents, you simply don't have the time to write for your blog AND run your insurance agency.

If you're appointed with a Safeco or Liberty Mutual company, you'll love our Safeco Syndicated Content program.

With our Safeco Syndicated Content program, we format and publish articles written by Safeco to your blog each month. Your customers won't even be able to tell that you didn't write the article yourself!

With a Safeco Syndicated Content subscription, you get all the benefits of having a blog without any of the work!

Not a Safeco or Liberty Mutual agent? Let us know if you're interested in integrating a syndicated content source into your insurance agency website. We have solutions for all agents.

LightRail Blogs

Blogs are a great way to keep your website up to date, with articles about current events, local community interest topics, and insurance FAQs. If you have time to write your own articles, this is the easiest way to keep your site updated.

Our LightRail blogs are integrated into your website, so you don't have to manage a separate blog through another website like WordPress. Each time you post something new, it's featured on your home page and throughout the pages on your website, which helps to promote your latest article.

Content Management (CMS)

All our our website packages include access to our LightRail Content Management System (CMS). You can easily update the editable sections of your website using our web-based system. It's as easy as writing an email - you don't even have to know HTML.

Of course if you prefer to just email us with the changes you want to make to your website, we're be happy to help. All of our websites come with a minimum of one hour of free support, which can be used on content updates. Your dedicated Account Manager is always ready to help.

Autopilot: Outsourced Content Management

Our unique Autopilot content program keeps your website current and engaging, so you're free to focus on insurance.

Using factors such as dates, seasons, weather and more, Autopilot publishes relevant content to your website automatically.

Just get 6 inches of snow? Autopilot activates content on your website about driving safely on snow-covered roads.

Autopilot takes the work out of managing your website content
Interested? Contact us for more information

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